Where I can help?

What I do

Build tools to help businesses grow by
simplifing tasks and improve brand comunication.

Who am I?

Personal Details

  • Name: Rui Cruz
  • Birth: December 1981
  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Email: mail@ruicruz.com


With a long and passionate growth as a web and mobile developer, my interestests expand to the processes, the workflows, the tools. I love to watch people work and communicate as teams, my passion is to help improve collaboration.

I've done work with

Happy Brands

  • Mitsubishi Motors Portugal
  • Instituto Técnico de Alimentação Humana
  • Ministério da Educação
  • UX Lx: User Experience Conference
  • Adegga
  • H. Seabra - Comércio e Indústrias Térmicas, Lda.
  • LiveSketching

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Over time, I've built tools, did design work and even photographed events. All for several brands from well known car manufacturer Misubishi to Government identities like the Portuguese Ministério da Educação.


  • Hugo Fernandes


    With attention to detail and solid coding practices, Rui became an excellent partner when searching for technological solutions for the emerging design challenges.

  • Bruno Figueiredo

    UX Lx: User Experience Lisbon

    Rui is an outstanding developer. He puts great effort into building a solid code foundation and then he builds upon it, producing great code. Any modifications are made with ease and he has great ideas to improve upon the initial requirements. He's a pleasure to work with.

  • Hugo Baeta


    Rui is great to work with. Very organized and detailed in his coding, he is also very adaptable to accommodate other's work flow and open to suggestions and improvements.

  • António Diniz


    Desenvolveu um trabalho de excelência, tentando sempre responder às necessidades mais prementes e básicas da nossa actividade.

  • Pedro Santos

    Core Factor

    É uma pessoa impecavel, com um grande sentido de responsabilidade, com um excelente trabalho, pontual nas entregas, e um dos melhores programadores com quem já trabalhamos.